Born in Austin,Texas, and raised just outside the city in Buda,Texas, I grew up on some farm land surrounded by open fields and cattle. I grew up playing almost every sport there was but when it came time to head off to college I decided to study Fashion Design & Business which was a shock to many especially since my job while off at college was working for the football team as a manager.After 4 years at Baylor University I moved home and opened a Boutique dedicated to featuring local artists and craftsmen in the area. I now own and manage an online boutique Frankie Jean in Austin that features a curated collection of my work along side the work of other talented artisans in the area. I have loved getting to work with many young companies and really enjoy getting to promote their work to those who otherwise might not have heard about them.

Why start a Blog?

I honestly never thought I would start a personal blog, but over these last few years there have been so many great projects I have had the opportunity to be a part of that I figured it would be a good thing to share with others in hopes that it will encourage and inspire them.

Shop Small

While I do have a few larger brands that I love I do my very best to support small ethical businesses around me. Here I will post a little bit of both, but my obvious passion is for small business since I own one myself. Hopefully some of my posts will show you how to find that balance of creating a more ethical closet without feeling the pressure to go all in day one. It is a process, but a journey worth taking. It is a good thing to know where everything in our life comes from.

Photo by www.katiejamesonphoto.com