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A Walk of Art

The other day I ventured out in downtown Austin with my friend Katie Jameson. She is a wonderful friend and an amazing photographer. Her text to me was “want to go on a photo walk?! and just create something fun” I love it when my creative friends want to get out and do just that,… Read More A Walk of Art


Water Weather

Its that time of the year when I basically want to live in the water. With weeks of 100 degree weather upon us it seems it is the only way to survive. And of course if your are spending most of your time in the water you want to do it in style. So today… Read More Water Weather


Rackets & Roller Skates

One of Austin’s favorite brands Outdoor Voices (OV), The Technical Apparel for Recreation company founded by Tyler Haney, an Austinite herself, is by far my personal favorite when it comes to athletic wear. There is something to be said about feeling good in what you are going to work out in. The fact that I… Read More Rackets & Roller Skates